The Regional Transit Technology Group
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In preparation of the Transit Technology Plan, Sound Transit determined it should undertake the development of an Alternative Transit Technology (ATT) Assessment Report that could credibly compare different technologies against a set of criteria appropriate to the needs of Sound Transit and its mission identified in the Sound Move plan.

A consultant firm was asked by Sound Transit to assist with the development of the ATT Assessment Report. The consultant team will provide lead research and evaluation on the ATT candidates. Candidate technologies will go through two levels of screening, with the technologies from the second screening being the primary candidates for future deployment planning. The final product will be the identification of 6-10 promising technologies that will receive high priority for ATT funding for further evaluation and demonstration and ultimately, possible consideration for implementation in future phases in the Sound Move plan (2007-20??), pending approval by the voters of the region.

For more information on the Alternative Transit Technology Assessment Study, please contact the GTTG.

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