Sky Train Corporation - Karl Guenther, Resume

Sky Train has brought together an outstanding team, each member with their own unique talents and qualifications. It is composed of experts in their fields, including advanced technology research in electrical and transportation systems, manufacturing and architectural engineering, electronic circuitry, and in the alternative energy industry.

Originally in the UK, MONORAIL LIMITED 08 October 1999 Founded by the son of Sir Robert Faucet, was renamed: SKYRAIL (UK) LIMITED Company Number 03856043 Registered in East Yorkshire, HU16 5RL It is an active organization.

In 2013 Roz Gatewood & Karl formed a new DBA called Global NexGen Solutions, in order to seriously find overseas interest in our new partner technologies besides our enhancement to rearranged Transportation for Rail and Automotive World GNGS.

KARL W. GUENTHER - Chief Executive Officer of Sky Train Corporation

OVERVIEW: Sky Train was Suncoast Engineering & Manufacturing. Karl is the CEO, founder and major stockholder of STC and has spearheaded research and development focused on energy technologies and developing an efficient new form of public transportation. He has patented 63 claims for his Sustainable Overhead Automated Rail (SOAR) system, which he co-invented.
He also has a patent-pending for an Energy Accumulation, Storage and Rapid Transfer (ET) device to recharge electric vehicles and equipment that is powered by renewable energy or the electric utility grid.
He is an accountable, accomplished manager and inventor with 38 years of management experience in Manufacturing and is a licensed instructor in motion analysis for industry. Initially he was a student of Engineering Physics then graduated with a BS IE and completed half the credits toward his MBA. He is also a growth consultant having accelerated manufacturing business for clients and employers, doubling sales of several within one year.
For one company he improved sales from $6 million to $22 million in 6 months by process modification, tooling and other innovations. One former employer, Emerson Electric, purchased Commercial Cam and Machining where he worked and through his engineering and materials management contributions they had a compound growth rate of 18% over an 8 year period, which included a recession. He possesses a high mechanical aptitude, with a solid history of professional contributions in social issues, government, information systems, equipment design, and innovation.


Gulf Controls School of Fluid Power Course (Air and Hydraulics) 1990
Illinois Institute of Technology (½ credits) Masters Business Administration - Finance 1988
Illinois Institute of Technology Bachelor of Science - Industrial Engineering 1970
University of Michigan - Licensed Instructor from affiliated Methods Times Motion Corp. (MTM) -1965
US Army – Veteran 1958 Nike Air Defense Missile Systems, Electronics, Chemical, Bacteriological, Radiological Warfare – Ran Motor Pool, PX store, Craft Shop, Site Rejuvenation – as a reduced-DRINKING excuse, out of town girlfriend was reason
University of Illinois Engineering Physics 2 years toward Bachelor of Science 1957
Civil Air Patrol (USAF Auxiliary) O’Hare AFB - 1956 Captain - Aviation training, Served as the Illinois Wing Cadet Commander of Communications.

Research Projects:

* Department of Energy (DOE) 2007-2008 collaborative grant with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) at The University of Central Florida (UCF). The research was on renewable energy storage and quick transfer (ET) for a Solar Powered Monorail/Overhead Suspended Light Rail (OSLR). They developed a solar, wind, and hydrogen fuel cell interface to power their next generation monorail.
* Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA) grant 2002 originally funded in part the patenting, design and construction of the 1/6th scale computerized operating model of the OSLR using regenerative energy transfer. The technology was vetted by NASA, the federal government, the aerospace industry, and state partners including the Department of Education, Enterprise Florida and the Department of Community Affairs.
* NASA SATOP Program -2006. NASA did joint design of Gimbals Connectors for STC.
* Illinois Institute of Technology -1995. Wind Tunnel test of new futuristic transit concept with under graduates.
* University of South Florida and their Center for Urban Transportation Research - 1994 to present. Together they initiated a formal Teaming Agreement to get mutual grants for Sky Train Corporation’s technology.

Professional Experience:

Sky Train Corporation (STC) – Palm Harbor, Fl. 1995 – Present.
CEO/PI of the Company. STC is a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) listed Transportation Consultants and Licensed Engineering Firm. The STC OSLR is classified as an energy saving solution to transportation by several associations including Florida’s TRDA and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). STC has also been peer reviewed and listed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as notable for system development.
Suncoast Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. - Safety Harbor, Fl. 1992 - 1996
Karl was President of his custom Design and Build Machining and Fabrication operation. He worked with major corporations on various projects: Inex Vision Systems, Div. of Barry Wehmiller Corp. - Re-designed and manufactured Pro-Laser bottle automated inspection machines; Honeywell - Designed Freon (CFC) Reclamation equipment and manufactured Encapsulation system for 10 PIGA Mechanical Accelerometer; Conax FL.- Value engineered and fabricated Inspection and Process Gauging duplication for manufacturing in Japan; Unival Div. of American Signal - Designed and built automated testing equipment for commercial valves; German American Telephone Manufacturing - Karl facilitated an expansion of their manufacturing operation from $6 to $22 million in a six-month period.

* Patent #7,124,692 was granted October 2006 for three rearranged rail designs. The concept is patented, disclosed, and he is working on other patents relating to OSLR systems, which are ready for patenting or are pending. STC has patent protection for three advancements in suspended rail gaining 63 patent claims. He is developing additional pending disclosures in OSLR systems covering electronics, lower cost switching and other enhancing features. The STC team identified 38 specific features where the SOAR OSLR system matches, adds, or exceeds performance over competing modes of transportation. This patent also includes a freight container handling system that runs in the same structure as the passenger vehicles and increases security and efficiency of cargo container movement.
* Patent # 5758511 was submitted for a client Advanced Thermal Technologies and received a patent for a Desiccant Design Device for Dehumidification.
* Patent is pending for an energy accumulator, storage and rapid transfer (ET) device that was developed with FSEC at UCF under a DOE collaborative research grant. The patent also includes an energy transfer system for freight handling equipment reducing energy use and pollution; allowing the electrification and increasing automation of seaports.

Professional Memberships:

* National Space Society South West Florida Chapter – 2005
* Who’s Who Business Award – 1994 to 1995 and 1999 to 2000
* American Society of Value Engineers, Chicago – 1987 Secretary
* National Space Society – Florida Chapter 2002 to Present.
* Member of Florida Space Coast Clean Cities Coalition - March 2010 to present.
* Business Advisory Councils 2006 businessman of the year.

Volunteer Experience:

* International Space Development Conference - Panelist 2005 and 2006
* Pinellas County Citizens’ Advisory Committee - 1997 to 2010 as a member for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPO) of Pinellas County
* Regional Advisory Committee 2004 to 2010, a member for FDOT’s seven county “Chairs Coordinating Committee” of joint MPO’s
* Committee of 100 of Hernando County, FL. 1990 to 1995
* Pinellas County Vocational Technical School – 1993 to 1996 - Chairman
* Clearwater Bombers – Worlds most winning softball, men’s teams - President 1995 – 1998
* Bombers 1997 National Championship host 1997 disbanded in 1999
* Editor of one of the largest Political Clubs 2004 – 2008
* Bombers; asked to rejoin a reformed Board of Directors in 2015 to set up a Sports Museum with the Clearwater Historical Society. September 2016 Received a $500,000.00 Grant to update 2 Historic Clearwater School buildings, with two 3 member committees.

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