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Sky Train Corporation
Corporate - Profile Current!

On the STC web site, hits now exceed 10,000 per year. We have replied to 22 requests for information within the USA and 26 from outside.
Four of these are located in the American continent from Canada through to South America. The current situation is definitely a "build" climate.
These contacts from cities at home and abroad convince us that our project has good potential, and we expect even more in the future.
We are forming and have registered a UK joint venture called SkyTrainUK LTD.

Any foreign communities that adopt our concept would become possible market suppliers for our product.

Public display booth
Our public display is showing a young man seeing his future transit system for the first time!

Look to the right!
In addition to this aspect of consulting, Sky Train has a specific interest in promoting a new form of Overhead Light Rail System.

Research Project

Wind tunnel test model & review of results.

A classified test of one of our very futuristic concepts, "Skytrack"; not available for public review. Together with three major universities, we have been working towards gaining government monetary support. Patents have been disclosed for special features of the system, including track switches and Maglev compatibility.
This Skytrack system still in the concept stage will use maglift propulsion and the pictured concept.

Computer simulations.

Computer software has been used to show that the Sky Train system has half the drag (Right Hand view) then a bottom supported vehicle or straddle beam monorail (Left Hand view). Calculations show that a side wind of 150 M.P.H. will not effect the Sky Train System. Making this ideal for Hurricane evacuations.

The skills, ideas, and the career experience in the Sky Train organization make us the Consultants of Choice!

More information is listed under Corporate information.

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