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SkyTrain Corporation - Our Mission:
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Operating a level above and beyond in all our client services

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Previous skills, new ideas, and the career experience in the Sky Train organization make us the Consultants of Choice!

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Our Achievement!

We have upgraded the low cost qualities of standardized Light Rail & Automotive modified them and formed them onto a new, high rider appeal, gaining increased revenue by interspacing freight with Passenger Movement.

Now available with H2, electric propulsion, or with the new hybrid power plant systems, etc.

Our system can carry freight or passengers, elevated or at grade.

The permissible speed on curves of Sky Train's suspended system exceeds the permitted (limiting) speed on curves of bottom supported systems by more then 100%. I.e. on a 2 degree curve, on a mainline railway where the permitted speed is 60 mph; riders will feel a lateral force of .07 g. Compare this to Sky Train's speed on the same curve at 120 mph - without passengers feeling any unbalance.

Our unique steel wheel monorail can carry heavier loads and larger vehicles than vehicles on rubber tires, thus saving over 85% of the energy by comparison.

Mission Statement

Sky Train Corporation is a consultant company specializing in technology and planning of operations applied to transit services.
The Corporation is registered as an engineering firm and with the Securities Exchange Commission for the sale of shares, being in this way a company selling personal skills and experience in the market for profit.
Sky Train's members have monitored, implemented and patented new technology working with existing equipment manufacturers to earn income and royalties for future research and reward to stockholders of the corporation.
Our personnel are qualified to coordinate, plan and manage applications of transit technology on a short term or long term basis.

We have specific interests in light rails, monorails and overhead suspended systems incorporating electric or diesel-electric operations, including modern hybrid propulsion systems, for the transportation of both passengers and freight.

We are available to work within a consortium or joint venture together with local or national governments, manufacturers, construction companies, and other specialist consultants, for the satisfaction of clients' transportation needs.
By teaming or forming joint ventures with manufacturers, suppliers, transit operating companies, and other clients, we achieve innovations in plant and service for the benefit of our partners and customers.

This process encourages and develops input from and growth of innovative companies offering competing technologies to be incorporated, creating a low first cost, low cost and simplified maintenance procedures, efficient and low polluting systems at the option of the customer or consumer.

STC in addition to this aspect of consulting, Sky Train has a specific interest in promoting a new form of Overhead Light Rail System (OSLR), designed to offer the full transportation capacity and speeds of modern light rail and subway systems, but not absorbing space on the ground nor requiring expensive tunnels underneath.

The three main problems facing humanity today are
1) The environment
2) Depletion of the Earth’s resources
3) Congested streets in our growing cities

Sky Train Corporation has the ambition to considerably ease the last part, that of congested traffic in our urban areas, and make cities more livable.

Shanghai in China is a case in point.
Underground: A well-developed subway train system, which is working at maximum capacity. Trains are less than i minute apart, and crammed with people, as are the platforms. Shanghai would have to dig more tunnels if they want to increase this capacity.
On street level: An awful traffic. But it is moving, most of the time.

Above ground: A network of freeways, interconnected with roundabouts, covers the whole central city, at about 25 - 35 meters up in the air. It goes over parks and rooftops and everything else. This network has reached capacity; there are queues most of the time, worse than in the streets below. It will not be fun for the motorists when these bridges have to close for repairs.

Yet, cities around the world build more concrete bridges, in Mumbai and Bangkok at a frenetic pace. Why? Because they see no alternative.

Clearly, concrete roads and bridges are subject to constant wear. And they cast their shadows over much of the city scape. They turn cities into crowded and unfriendly places to live in.

Beam traffic systems is the solution. They are fast, silent, non-polluting and very efficient. They are much cheaper to build and maintain than all alternatives.
And because they ars are automatic and computer controlled, beam carried systems are cheaper to operate than all alternatives.
Because they can handle both people, cargo and containers with unsurpassed efficiency, they help considerably to easy the traffic situation in the streets.
Worn segments are quickly replaced by new, prefabricated segments, at a fraction of that cost and time consumption of reparing roads and bridges.
And in a well-designed network there will usually be alternative routes for the beam cars during repair work.

Let Sky Train Corporation have a look at your specific needs, and provide a report that will cover all present and future transportation needs.

Sky Train Corporation Webmaster: Ove Johnsson - Johnson Consulting Last Updated: 2017-02-13