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SkyTrain Corporation - Our Milestones & History

Company History

When and Why Formed

The Milestones show that we received many listings on short lists like the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (Orlando International Airport). Here we had to submit a great amount of documentation and calculations most are, still available to inspect. In no case were we nominated or short-listed, that even after several years no projects were implemented or funded.
This shows the frustrations of the attending public and vendors after spending millions of DOT funds.

Circa 1988 a Marina Complex was Purchased called Suncoast Fisheries Inc. Several DBA's and SeaK's Restaurant Inc., was developed.

The complex had 22 employees. Some four years earlier, part of Suncoast Marina, it was conceived for the purpose of lifting and transferring boats into high and dry storage units, or to move them between fresh and salt water to service a partially permitted community of 6,000 dwellings on an existing 175 acres of freshwater lakes.

In 1995 STC was renamed from Suncoast Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc. and became a Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) listed Transportation Consultants and Licensed Engineering Firm.

The CEO along with an associate, Wilfred Sergeant, a well-known transportation expert instrumental in selection of features and equipment and follow through to startup of service for Canada's Go-Transit commuter rail,

invented the concept of an Overhead Suspended Light Rail (OSLR) system with STC's unique patented features.

The system designs evolved and patents were obtained incorporating rearranged light rail and automotive parts riding on an overhead structure powered primarily by renewable energy stored in the company's patent pending ET power station.

The company is now committed to providing innovative, sustainable transit solutions to improve connectivity and improve air quality.

See the List of Associates, Milestones, Presentations and Participation for Sky Train's Development.

Marketing History of Products and Services

To date marketing of our transportation consulting services and public transit and energy systems has been accomplished through our websites (Skytraincorp, SkyRail GB, and STC), and by distributing brochures, attending industry functions, participating in community planning meetings, and doing presentations to public and private officials.

Our products qualified as energy saving systems, so subsequently we were invited to present to investors in Silicon Valley, California. See our Energy page.

Additionally, press releases on advanced research projects have been distributed by our university partner, FSEC.
Articles have been published in newspapers, on the Monorail Society website and other online commentary sites. See example at Sky-train-solar-powered-monorail.

Our Marketing Director also posted some video clips on YouTube of the system simulation in operation (See on Youtube) and of the CEO's visits to Washington DC (Click here) to meet with and inform Federal Agencies and politicians on our advanced research and products.

Sky train Corporation is also listed on major transportation websites and featured on environmental websites as great examples of the future of transportation. More information can be found at the added Company History; go to the pages "Other Partners" and "Investor Center".

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