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Have you ever been stuck in traffic congestion and wished you could go over the grid lock in a futuristic "Jetson's" flying vehicle?

Sky Train Corporation's (STC) Overhead Suspended Light Rail (OSLR) system does just that.
STC designs the trains, has them manufactured and supplies the pathway routes and capacity planning to suit our customers' needs.

Downloadable PDF files:
- This Page
- A design drawing of the SOAR 300 front crossection KMV1
- The SOAR300 3 PC RAIL

It is a sustainable electric transit system that is affordable, energy efficient and elevated to avoid dangerous road crossings, alleviate traffic congestion and preserve land.
It is powered by alternative energy collected by equipment mounted on the Sky Train structures. It is faster, safer and more reliable than conventional rail, and is able to transport both passengers and freight at reduced costs and fleet size, saving millions of dollars for our customers.
Our advanced technology will lead to reduced energy consumption and increased market share and profits.

STC is a licensed engineering firm, approved by the Florida Department of Transportation.
Our staff has experience in traditional steel wheel railroad engineering, electric vehicles, renewable energy and operations management.
The 24 stockholders of STC have patent protection covering three OSLR transit systems that were invented by the company's CEO and staff. All three vehicle designs were funded in part by Florida's Technological Research and Development Authority (TRDA), resulting in a 1/6th scale prototype operating model and a patent with 63 claims published in 2006.
For further protection we have identified 8 other patents to be applied for including our Energy accumulator, storage and Transfer device (ET) that was developed during a Department of Energy grant conducted with the Florida Solar Energy Center at the University of Central Florida.
The ET allows capture of low power renewable energy and regenerated electricity to reuse in the vehicle’s acceleration. The ET can also serve as a backup power source or feed excess power back into the grid.

The Sustainable Overhead Automated Rail SOAR300 model is designed for lowest cost and uses a triangular truss out of aluminum extrusions, automotive motor wheels and automation.
The STC100 and STC150 draw on the latest conventional rail components. The structures serve as conduits and mounting surfaces for street lighting, fuel cells, solar panels and wind turbines. The design includes an energy corridor to transmit power within the overhead structure for delivery of clean energy for use onsite or as a remote power source for areas off the grid.

The STC100 has been peer reviewed by the second Presidents Transportation Study funded by the National Science Foundation and short-listed for the Grand Canyon Project and Orlando Airport.
In 2010 the University of South Florida's Clean Energy Research Center applied for a TIGER 2 grant for $20 million to build our systems at The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) in Tampa, Florida, as an advanced energy and transportation exhibit.
(See the project description.)

Features are a TRDA - SATOP/NASA design of Gimbals; allowing even wheel weight distribution and speeds up to three times faster on curves compared to rail in the streets.

Elevation uses less than 4% of ground space and eliminates road crossings that produce 20% of fatalities and 60% of traffic injuries, making STC's the safest and most environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

STC has created an advanced transit and power system. What makes it unique is the use of an advanced storage medium, the Ultracapacitor, and proprietary electronic configurations along with lightweight, aerodynamic body designs riding the elevated structure.

Our systems offer convenient and affordable access for residents to goods, jobs and services.
They are less invasive to the environment and reduce ground surface traffic, congestion and pollution. Our technology also greatly decreases installation and operating costs and energy consumed making it the lowest carbon footprint system to serve as a feeder system to support high speed rail and intermodal transit networks worldwide. The growth and revenue potential based on the expanding market for energy efficient public transit make this very promising for high return on investment.

A simulation may be viewed on one of our other websites, and more information is available at the Sky Train and SOAR 300 websites.

We also have available documents that call out our current SOAR300 team, advisors and support staff available at our drop box, and also Company Milestones, Business Plan and Private Placement Memorandum.

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