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Cities can achieve greatness with Transit Oriented Development (TOD) spurred elevated Urban Circulators; i.e., the advent of a revolutionary APM connecting downtown areas, newly allocated High Speed Rail (HSR), Livable Communities (HUD), all the way to the designated (Intl.) airport.

For the benefit of every citizen, there will be cheap, clean, and easy access to public transit spanning the entire urban range; bypassing traffic congestion.
This is a Plug-in system that sources from Wind, Solar, and Fuel Cells; and regenerates 40% of its energy. It is a Zero-Carbon fully sustainable mode.

Downloadable PDF files:

- A design drawing of the SOAR 300 front crossection KMV1
- The SOAR300 3 PC RAIL
- The SOAR300
running on Sky Train's Universal Structure using Rubber or Steel Hub-Motor-Wheels.
- A side view of the SOAR300
The vision can be realized in phases with what a National Science Foundation workgroup calls Placed-based Experimentation for Next-generation transportation projects.
Federal Agencies will foot the bill for 80% at least 50% of the design and construction costs through their Livable Communities Grants (orchestrated by the new EPA/HUD/DOT Partnership).
Infrastructure capital will also come from extraordinary public private partnerships (PPPs). That is a no-brainer for financing; municipalities pay only 10% which can be bonded when the grants become available.
Sky Train Corporation Forecasts Billions In Business Starting In Tampa.

Investment in Sky Train's Florida ventures, in particular those addressing Tampa and Orlando regions, will access billions of dollars in proposed transit routes and additional projects for Centers, Stations and Platforms, Hotels, and other commercial franchise development.
In terms of STC's Light Rail infrastructure work for each project, a conservative view for Tampa of servicing 39 to 120 miles at 36.5 million dollars per mile brings the company 1.5 billion of business for the first left leg of the phase within a 7 year investment scenario.
Should we convince the powers that be to explore revolutionary Plug-in Public Transport, TBARTA, will provide bonding issues sparked by funding from private investment, which guarantees the investors a substantial yearly ROI. The time is ripe for Next-Gen APM systems everywhere in the Tampa area, this country, and around the world, providing US Manufacturing, Jobs, and Export.

Starting with the demonstration at Tampa's Museum of Science and Industry, the Sky Train APM system will be extended throughout their 74 acres to connect to their planned Convention Center and Hotel Complex. From MOSI connections could be made to the University of South Florida and their adjacent Medical cluster, to Busch Gardens and the future HIGH SPEED RAIL station.
The Tampa route map of 94 miles includes the HS rail intermodal station and areas being redeveloped within that area of the city.

Potentially the route could also connect to the north side of Tampa International Airport.
A 15-mile north/south leg would be a $550 million project out of a total of 45 miles of planned routes in Hillsborough County holding $1.65 billion in projects.

Projects in the Hundreds of Billions embrace Smart-Growth Planning in throughout the State of Florida. Around the U.S. lies Transit Oriented Development in the Trillions. The success at MOSI will shortly spur international expansion of the system, as Sky Train is poised for a trillion dollars of work in 10 years' time. If you're interested in our Florida-based Consortium as to investing or part ownership, or having a National territory to build and manufacture, give us a call.


Cities as incubators:

While many of the presenters were from federal agencies and prominent think tanks and universities, the call for placing the nation's cities on a more sustainable path emphasized the need for place-based solutions and leaned towards bottom-up instead of top-down approaches.

Several participants noted that the federal government has started to encourage some of this place-based experimentation, by creating incentives to link housing and transportation planning in urban areas. Other participants pointed out that not all communities will be amenable to, for example, high-density housing and mass transit, but that strengthens the argument for metropolitan areas to examine different approaches to achieving their goals for sustainability. In this regard, they noted that there is an important role for the federal government and research community to facilitate some of these experiments and document the lessons learned.

We thank the authors!

Daniel Schaffer and Derek Vollmer,
Rapporteurs; Committee on the Challenge of Developing Sustainable Urban Systems; National Research Council
Authoring Organizations.

More than half of the world's people now live in cities. In the United States the figure is 80 percent. It is worthwhile to consider how this trend of increased urbanization, if inevitable, could be made more sustainable. One fundamental ...

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SOAR 300

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Dear Participants:

Have you ever been stuck in traffic congestion and wished you could go over the grid lock in a futuristic "Jetson's" flying vehicle?

Sky Train Corporation's Overhead Suspended Light Rail system does just that.

STC designs the trains, has them manufactured and supplies the pathway routes and capacity planning to suit our customers' needs. It is a sustainable electric transit system that is affordable, energy efficient and elevated to avoid dangerous road crossings, alleviate traffic congestion and preserve land. It is powered by alternative energy collected by equipment mounted on the Sky Train structures that is stored in our patent pending energy accumulator, storage and rapid transfer device. It's faster, safer and more reliable than conventional rail and is able to transport both passengers and freight at reduced costs and fleet size, saving millions for our customers.

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