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We thank you for evaluating Sky Train's products and services. While it is obvious our select team is generally also available as Consultants, clicking this link will take you to that page.

While one individual has itemized over US $2.5 billion of master plans; their contributions to Sky Train are many, and they are available to provide solutions.

While we maintain great interest in the development of existing competing product lines of transportation, we present solutions that these systems do not.
We simply increase the capabilities and contributions of existing transportation systems. Examples are; our 100 & 150 series carrying more people with greater speed and comfort and automation of ports; our 300 & 500 series increasing comfort, safety with less time to erect at lower cost.

The Strength of STC is their TEAM of VISIONARIES, each amplifying the OVERALL MISSION.

Our first attempt to define these new features has allowed the patenting of 63 new claims for these systems. We have also identified 6 to 8 additional patents that will be submitted for patenting in the future.

Our systems are elevated and constructed to withstand the effects of Nature's Fury, constructed to reduce pollution for a near future where personal automobiles are reduced, automated, safer and shared.
We are looking to partner with a World that will spend US $17.5 billion on our shared technology as was ANNOUNCED in August 2012!.

Our Associates knowledge base creates a group of individuals constantly pushing the envelope of innovation. This has driven us to environmental solutions that have been revealing, but have, however, also delayed our time to market. Encouraged by a Technological Research and Development Authority grant, we built an operating model of our rearranged rail concept. While many want to be innovators have simply plastered solar arrays alongside or over their transportation designs, simple math disclosed that there was a missing link to make this viable.
The award of a Department Of Energy grant (DOE), was executed with the assistance of the Florida solar energy Center, part of the University of Central Florida. Our result was a 300 page report regarding circuitry and use of
Ultracapacitors to continuously absorb contributions from solar, wind and other devices, plus to assist a transit system to increase the ability of regenerative braking savings (stopping by using the motors as brakes, thus using them as electricity generators).

We have also begun to patent these new findings. This interaction has resulted in our structure being used to establish a Micro-grid with the assumption that since transportation generally connects population centers and stations, that renewable power could be distributed to these locations, and also be a redundant means to power them.
See this report.

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