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From the beginning sky train associates with the highest engineering credentials, such as being officers in the society of value engineers, chief scientist, professor registered architect registered professional engineer, licensed instructor in methods, times, motions (MTM), with titles like; chief engineer of Disney, the U.S.'s most innovative prolific company.

Special resumes with accomplishment links are available to individuals evaluating participating in Sky Train Corporations activities.

Our 26 stockholders are and greatly appreciate and give credit to these individuals.

Early on it was obvious that the road tracks or structure traveled by the transportation vehicles was the most important and often most expensive feature of the entire system structure.
After designing for patenting the STC system called Overhead Suspended Light Rail (OSLR) of rearranged rail components the first structure and switches (our secret sauce) were defined as Superior Technology Concepts (STC) shown below:

After the submission of patents, "funded in part by The Technological Research Development Authority in Florida" (TRDA), Wilfred Sergeant and Karl Guenther agreed to identify the costliest item that best met system needs, the structure, and find the strongest, lowest cost alternative. The selected structure shown below is called the triangular truss and is the darling of architects and professional engineers. This system has been labeled Suspended Overhead Automated Runway (SOAR) and can use Hub-motor wheels of rubber or steel, and can use magnetic levitation (we favor the Halbach Array demonstrated in Germany). We are presently evaluating these designs in steel, aluminum alloy with several modifications for production, and they use of a patented concrete span poured into a composite material box.
It's internal steel design allows it to be used to span two new links of support and has been tested by the AAR railroad testing organization and used in building several bridges.
Below is shown the 3 piece rail.

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