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Primarily Funding Partners, our start up team is identified and available for clients including budgets.
Presently we have identified shovel ready projects throughout the U.S. and other locations for the construction of our systems and to accomplish other parallel product initiatives as explained on our web site.

Parallel products are:
The funding of a research site in the Las Vegas Huntsville "Green Valley Area" we would align ourselves with the University of Las Vegas (UNLV).

These have been researched by one of our associates and pursued by others in more of an individual basis. These many covered by expired patents need to be brought to fruition see the list complementing power production to feed Sky Trains Micro-Grid concept by Associate Gary Vesperman; download this PDF file for details.

The funding of Entertainment Parks; Here we are working with two venues that would break ground below $300 million U.S. dollars. It is expected that multiple funding partners would be accumulated in order to fund these for their first phase which is a profit making stand-alone initiative.

Ultimate future completion is projected to exceed $1 billion. Land has been contracted or purchased to start the projects.

We are working with venture partners in Myanmar to participate in the powering of 164 communities averaging around 150 homes that are not connected to the power grid. It will be mostly solar at this stage of design.
(Our participation will be based on Government Approvals)

Their next desire would be to build Sky Train Systems but this is only very preliminary at this time.

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