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On this page you will mainly find links to other websites of interest, not all of them in English. For links to animations and movies, we have a separate page.

The above picture is from the Tilt Test that is the basis data to do our speed calculations:
Largo Central Rail Road Tilt Test

Joint Project Marketing, Testing and Engineering of patented (October 24, 2006) Sky Trains OSLR that was awarded 63 claims for 3 unique energy saving systems even over rail vehicles saving some 40% to 70% when stopping every 1 Kilometer, having acceleration of 1.0 m/sec/sec up to 80 KPH.

See the PowerPoint listing in the Sky Train Solar-powered Monorail.

Funded in part by a Florida TRDA Grant, see:
They initiated a SATOP joint design by NASA partners, creating another new innovation with reduntant safety.

Presently being Sponsored as a Budget Item for Vendor selection, Design and Costing to build on the grounds of Tampa's Museum Of Science and Industry: Statistics, Web page picture, Master Plan, News video clips (Fox 13 movie clip), and support by Florida Representatives Senator Fasano and Representative Homan.
See Tracking # 3041 and the Report for the second year.

Recently displayed as a portable operating system at the venue "Great Explorations" all about the trains talks about Environmental issues evading natures fury while enhancing security. Participation in a University of South Florida presentation on smart growth contains an Ecology 061012 Smart Growth PowerPoint and input on Communities and the Environment.

As shown here is ALSO available by request, as is a PowerPoint which features and explains, with a voiceover a short "History and Technology of Monorails".

Joint Project Partners: One of our premier partners, steeped in high technology, ARC International Associates Inc., are world-class technology implementers and could handle integration of accessory needs.

We have a Joint Venture in the United Kingdom since 2000, shown at SkyRailGB, they are coordinating European efforts!

Sky Train is further Pre-Qualified under Category 13.5 with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). This governs the Assessment of corridors proposed for installation of various modes of transit.
STC participated in FDOT's First Annual Transportation Summit in 2003 Transplex Florida.
We are testing our concepts at this location with the aid of the Largo Central Rail Road in Florida, US. They, especially George Taylor, have helped us build and test our 1/6 scale operating Sky Train model. It features regenerative braking (restoring the energy of braking to the battery power supply) with an airbrake safety circuit. It includes computerized interlocks for safety! It was first displayed in Florida Department of Transportation's Transplex 2003 planning conference.

See also STC's Summary report on tests.

The local Designer-builder of the Greater Florida LEGO� Train Club has built an Automated People Mover with programmable controller showing the Sky Train concept.

Allied companies in Manufacturing, Design, Consulting, Engineering, including resume's change generally as to location and are provided upon request.

Sound Transit (Seattle, Washington) recently completed its review of the USA's second major Technology assessment. entitled High Capacity Transit Technology Options. This document is one element of the Alternative Transit Technology Assessment Report that Sound Transit is currently preparing.

Click on this link, then the Icon shown on the left, and then the ATT project information.
You will find Sky Train on the February Short List with three High Capacity competitors.

Sky train is further connected to the University of Washington a major Transportation resource. This accesses the different "Innovative Transportation Technologies (ITT). This listing can be seen by clicking on "Suspended Vehicles" on this site or e-mail Professor Jerry Schneider at

They also have included our future selection that will close the gap to and from our transporters; they are the automated autos for people and freight and the smartphone apps, see MIT's Mobility-on-Demand Project and our article STC VIEW OF THE FUTURE.

A very fine group of dedicated supporters of monorails is located at, the site of Founder and President Kim Pedersen. They have over 6,600 members, in 94 countries, on 6 continents!

We have received many requests due to the above two links, we thank them for their dedication!

"Sustainable Communities", a hot topic and necessary endeavor for the continuing "Quality of Life" is found at USF
A further link in Germany is Wuppertal Institut

Federal Highway administration; FHWA.
State DOT's website, Impacting STC & Ports: Governor Scott Calls for State Investment of $24.4 Million for Port Canaveral Project.

An essay on "transit trends" with 24 additional site specific links for data.

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