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We are a very active company!
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Patents for 63 claims received October 2006 - 1 of 8 items pending! How about that ??


2599 Dolly Bay Drive, Suite 308
Palm Harbor, FL 34684, USA.

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Sky Train Corporation stands on two legs.

Sky Train Corporation is mainly a consultant company, specializing in technology and planning of operations applied to transit services. In 2015 we announced the ability to work as Representatives of Port Automation adding our new features and benefits.

Sky Train Corporation is also an engineering firm, having a long experience with automation and of designing beam structures and beam cars for various purposes.
As a Private Company, Sky Train Corporation is now making shares available to the public in 2017 for their sale, in this way selling personal skills and experience in the market for profit.

Sky Train's members have monitored, implemented and patented new technology working with existing equipment manufacturers to earn income and royalties for future research and reward to stockholders of the corporation.
Our personnel is qualified to coordinate, plan and manage applications of transit technology on a short term or long term basis.

We have specific interests in light rail, monorails, ground born automated and overhead suspended systems, including modern propulsion systems, for transportation of both passengers and freight.
We are available to work within a consortium or joint venture together with local or national governments, manufacturers, construction companies, and other specialist consultants, for the satisfaction of clients' transportation needs. We become a key component when creating Smart Ports and or Cities.

By teaming together or forming joint ventures with manufacturers, suppliers, transit operating companies, and other clients, we achieve innovations in plant and service for the benefit of our partners and customers. We provide operators once systems are operational.

This process encourages and develops input from and growth of innovative companies offering competing technologies to be incorporated, creating a low cost, and simplified maintenance procedures, efficient and low polluting systems at the option of the customer or consumer. Sky Train Corporation has, in addition to this aspect of consulting, a specific interest in promoting a new modified form of Overhead Light Rail System (OSLR), designed to offer the full transportation capacity and speeds of modern light rail and subway systems, but not absorbing space on the ground nor requiring expensive tunnels beneath.

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