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The major function for this vehicle is for completion of cargo handling from Airports and Seaports, in the role of principal mover of items and passengers.
For concept drawing, see this PDF file.
Brief description: the STC150 evolves to a freight application, replacing the passenger vehicle with a container.
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More details, with savings, upon request, at


We received patent protection with 63 claims for our next generation rail-monorail on several rearranged rail systems including the above.
Patents for 63 claims received October 2006 - 1 of 8 items pending! How about that ??
We are working with several universities, such as University of Central Florida's - Florida Solar Energy Center, and the University of South Florida's - Clean Energy Research Center, which submitted the latest TIGER 2 Grant Application.

STC150 evolves to a freight application replacing the passenger vehicle with a container grapple.

There are many benefits to our ability of moving two empties at a time, as is shown in this chart to the right.

See Booz Allen Hamilton's "Wargame", examining the future of US Infrastructure in 2040.

The end result of this is available on Exhibit 3 to Re-Imagine Infrastructure below.

Our Advisor, Ms. Gatewood, invited by Booz-Allen, effected the Florida Megaregion by suggesting Off-Shore ports and a "ZIPLINE" serving Orlando to Port Canaveral, moving people with our STC150 container and STC100W systems.

After many requests we could also carry automobiles from ports to major shipping ponts like Port Jacksonville.
The Auto train car shown is owned by Amtrak, and is one of their highest profit systems.

The pollution map below can be found in the U.S. government report "9783_CEC-FreightTransport-finalweb_en".

STC's solution to this pollution is identified in the map. What is clearly needed is the weight of the container and its contents. When we first informed Denver Stutler, at the time Florida governer Jeb Bush's Cabinet Minister and Secretary of Transportation, he and his staff saw the STC desire to add the weighing of containers as a major benefit. First it would allow the charging of more reasonable duties on trucks as to weight. This as is brought out the article would aid in the calculation of the carbon footprint of containers nationally.

Also for light loads different roads could be navigated and some toll roads would vary charges to the freight. Trucks generally create the wear of 300 automobiles. As to scanning and comparison to the ship's manifest weights; modified loads would be immediately questioned.

The process would also identify damaged containers that would be sold rather then returned to a port, creating pollution, congestion and a lower price. We also allow double container scanning and quicker ship loading.

3.4.7 Lack of essential freight transportation data

Transportation is one of the major contributors to GHG emissions in North America. However, the proportion of emissions that can be attributed to the movement of freight is not accurately documented.

The absence of sufficient evidence to support policy making has hindered progress towards mitigation of emissions from freight transportation modes.

60 The US National Surface Transportation Policy and Revenue Study Commission strongly supported the need for improving transportation-related data, saying that data collection is needed for good transportation decision making at all levels of government.

Data on household travel behavior, freight movement, vehicle use, infrastructure condition, and operational performance were considered to be critical to identifying emerging trends, supporting transportation research, and evaluating the effectiveness of transportation programs.

61 Data on tonne-kilometers of freight moved for all transportation modes, in particular, are needed to better assess fuel consumption and GHG emissions. The US Department of Transportation has stated that the lack of complete data on US international freight hampers research and analysis of trends in international freight movement and its impact on transportation activity within the United States.

Fully understanding trends in the movement of goods and having reliable forecasts for transportation decision making require consistent and comparable data on both the weight and the value of internationally traded goods. In particular, the lack of weight data for land exports remains a problem for transportation freight analysis.

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