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When our first web site was launched some three years ago as a marketing tool, it was noticed and linked to the Technology site by Ph.D. Jerry Schneider of the University of Washington. Since then we are coming full circle. The link to the Regional Transit Technology Group is to a Transit Technology web site, which uses OUR CIRCULATOR PICTURE FROM OUR SUBMISSION, AS A LINK to their Alternative Transit Technology, where they are evaluating transit for 5 routes in Seattle, WA. One system is to cross the Campus of the University of Washington.


Sky Train is the developer of the monorail project that we propose to build and operate as a Joint Venture. An example is the one formed to satisfy the Department of Parks Grand Canyon Initiative.

The whole proposal is on the next link down, called System proposal.

Sky Train Corporation was invited to submit its technology for evaluation to the below. Of the 4 high capacity systems selected, it was the only one that had not been built, see the following copied from the original site.

The agenda for the third meeting of the Expert Review Panel, discussing the
Alternative Transit Technology Assessment Study, has been posted, new original pdf file here or follow instructions, for html copy below!

The RTTG hosted a presentation on the Regional Hybrid Diesel Electric Bus Demonstration Project on Tuesday, February 6. For an agenda of what was discussed, click here. Also, Allison Electric Drives has provided RTTG with electronic copies of its powerpoint presentation and Gencral Motors' MPEG video presentation -- both very large documents. If interested in receiving a copy. please contact the RTTG.

The Futurist Workshop, sponsored by the President's National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) Subcommittee on Transportation R&D, was held on September 26th and 27th (2000) in Seattle.

The purpose of this workshop was to help define a vision of the transportation system of tile 21st century with a series of stretch goals to spur research and development over the next decade. The workshop featured leading futurists discussing future lifestyle, technology, and transportation requirements. Each presentation was followed by a "town-hall" discussion to help identify macro-trends in each requirement area For a summary and agenda of the event, click here.

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In preparation of the Transit Technology Plan, Sound Transit determined it should undertake the development of an Alternative Transit Technology (ATT) Assessment Report that could credibly compare different technologies against a set of criteria appropriate to the needs of Sound Transit and its mission identified in the Sound Move plan.

A consultant firm was asked by Sound Transit to assist with the development of the ATT Assessment Report. The consultant team will provide lead research and evaluation on the ATT candidates. Candidate technologies will go through two levels of screening, with the technologies from the second screening being the primary candidates for future deployment planning. The final product will be the identification of 6-10 promising technologies that will receive high priority for ATT funding for further evaluation and demonstration and ultimately, possible consideration for implementation in future phases in the Sound Move plan (2007-20??), pending approval by the voters of the region.

For more information on the Alternative Transit Technology Assessment Study, please contact the GTTG.

(Comment: This data set was replaced with new not related data shown as copied from the older site as shown: We are looking for the authors of this data at this time!)

NOTE: New RTTG site info:

Expert Review Panel

Original pdf file

January 18, 2001 at 3-5 pm. Fixed Guideway Systems

Expert Review Panel Notes
(a) Low Capacity
* * Hovercraft
* * 4-5 people, go up different grades in steps
* * Prototype working in Sydney
* * Steel wheels, rail
* Replace a few large vehicles with a fleet of smaller vehicles
* * US $24 million/mile
* Large number of smaller vehicles, 10-20 passengers per vehicle
* * Maximum grade is 10%
* * Prototype track in Almeda, CA, ready for deployment in two years
The Flash
* * For urban use
* * 4 people per vehicle
* * No track, antenna in middle of concrete
* Uses pressurized air
Knolle Magnetrans
* * Reliability is questionable
* * Prototype and small test track
* * "Like old mining train"
Taxi 2000
* * Electric motor, propulsion "Likely to be deployed"
* * System to haul people during the day and garbage at night?
* * Rosemont demonstration but Raytheon pulled out
* * SeaTac was going to see how Rosemont went, was thinking of trying it
* * Cardiff Wales will be operating by 2003
(b) Medium Capacity
System 21

* * One guideway, cars on either side
* * 52 people per car Sharp turning radius
* * 1/4 size prototype, building a full scale 1.4 mile track in Charleston SC
High Road
* * Monorail
* 55-80 mph
* * Prototype in N. Texas
* * Good for accessibility, ground stations possible
* * Could have elevated stations
* * Trying to procure funding for a test site
* * Atmospheric engine for propulsion
* Concept stage only
* * 8 mm gap, but could operate in snow and other adverse weather conditions
* * Vehicle wrapped around rail, Maglev system
* * 2 vehicle sizes, 300-1,000 passengers/train
* * Is in development, 3 demonstration projects in the works
Maglev 2000
* * 6-8" gap (levitation space)
* * Concern in group about the size of the gap/ Consultant to look into reason why so big.
* * Test track near Cape Canaveral
* * Demonstration project near Cape Canaveral, 20 miles in length, to be operational by 2009
* * Comment: Government interest in Maglev technology
(c) Hiqh Capacity

* * By Cable?
* * Discussion about use across Lake Washington. Conclusion that the lake is too wide, and towers would require significant right-of-way acquisition
* * Used now at ski resorts
Sky Train
* * Overhead suspended light rail
* * Lots of car sizes
* * Patented suspension system
* * Off-the-shelf technology
* * Waiting for cost information
* * 2 installations- Brazil, Indonesia
* * Magnetodynamic suspension
M-VI Monorail
* * 290 people per car
* * Installed in Disney, installing in Las Vegas
* * Roughly $75 million per mile
* * Similar to Seattle's monorail. If designed like Seattle's max speed 60-65 mph

(d) General Comments

* Do proposals reflect reality. Example, 2 second headways?
* Are cost considerations comprehensive? Do they for example, include things like emergency walkways?
* For elevated systems, what do you do if one vehicle is disabled? Have to back up all other vehicles on line to get the disabled one out.
* Note that many systems are installed in amusement parks or ski resorts, aren't used as a primary source for commuting.

Teams: Inaugurating a New Dimension of Transportation

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Sky Train a Political Favorite: 3 years on the Florida House & Senate Budget!

While the starting and end point are critical events often called the first and last mile.
This has been highlighted in Florida each year more clearly defining the plan.
Cruise Industry & Dissemination Sky Train plans to serve freight and then add stations and passengers to the same system, serving both at high speeds based small modifications of existing slightly REARRANGED AVAILABLE AUTOMATED RAIL EQUIPMENT.

We Present: A Coalition of Transportation Consultants, Manufacturers, Economists.
For Holistic planning, Simulation & Engineering, and focused on Resilient Solutions!

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STC depiction mid page from Booz Allen report on Page 5 from Megacommunity Simulation. We have offered the STC100W (ultra wide vehicle) & STC150 Container system shown, Using the same track.


Vehicles are designed and built in accordance of APTA standard for vehicle equipment APTA-SS-HT-001-05 & others as UL, IEEE, LEED, etc. where applicable.

This Group Consists of Disney Designers & Others to Qualify Our Projects


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