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Summary - STC has developed an Overhead Suspended Light Rail System model which is applauded by most who view the technology in operation. This system can use an Solar Array which will charge capacitor banks used to flash charge the vehicle's on board battery capacitor system as it arrives at each station.
Additionally, motors on board become generators during braking, in order to feed energy back into the on board power supply. STC began using funding from a Department Of Energy Grant to start this design process on a new Power Accumulator Transfer System. Findings have encouraged a recent submission to the National Science Foundation that will involve a power grooming system design reducing energy consumption and pollution from existing ship cranes at seaports.

Received Testimonials on Sky Train from BUSINESSES:

6/26/2014 Clifford Bragdon PhD.
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4/9/2009 Robert Clark Jr. President Tampa Steel Erecting Inc.
Our industry rating; as a Category CBR-F steel fabricator, one of only three in the state of Florida, assures our competence.
As an employer operating in the area since 1945. we see this Sky Train system as bringing a much needed premium transportation system for our citizens and inducing new commercial development for now and in the future. We believe in being pro-active in procuring this new market that will help increase business and cash flows for the manufacturing segment of Florida. We are happy to be part of the Sky Train consortium, working towards a solid construction project.
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12/2/2008 David Schramm, President and Chief Executive Officer of Maxwell Technologies, Inc., who manufactures and supplies parts for Sky Train's energy research projects, attests that STC's system will "save energy, reduce port pollution, and increase the performance lifetime of several components" with their newest innovation to upgrade port cranes.
Because we believe so strongly in STC’s innovation, our team has personally made contact with people at the ports of Longbeach & Los Angeles to notify them of STC’s advance in technology and how such innovation would benefit the ports by helping reduce their respective carbon footprints while increasing productivity.
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12/2/2008 Dan Parmley, Sr., President and CEO of Diversified Technical Services, Inc. and of TEECO, his research company, is negotiating a Strategic Alliance with STC to provide custom energy saving devices to upgrade equipment using Sky Train's cutting edge and energy saving technology.
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10/22/2008 Timothy B. Garling, Executive Director, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority (PSTA) states: "I will tell you that Sky Train has a reputation as a company that is serious about the development of innovative new rail oriented public transit technologies.
Sky Train has chosen to strictly design, patent, select vendors, and work with the installations of their rearranged-rail-monorail throughout the U.S., Canada and the world."
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7/1/2008 John Adams, Jr., PhD of "Enterprise Florida" has identified you as one of Florida's entrepreneurial, innovative companies contributing to our Stated business growth."
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11/2/2007 Tony Ekwenye, PE

Raymond C. Miller, Executive Director, Hillsborough Area Region Transit Authority, HARTline states: "Your Project with.. MOSI, .. installing more intermodal transport as a result of the expandable segment being proposed... will also be an Icon for drawing more funds.. "
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Bhargav Gajjar, CEO of Space Robotics Corporation, Tucson, AZ states that, "the Sky Train of the future will accomplish the following general purpose tasks:
1. Transport astronauts
2. Transport payload (food, water, materials, fuel, equipment) &
3. Act as an inertia capacitor during frequent braking."
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12/6/2004 Roger Sweeney, Executive Director, Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority.
"We foresee your requesting our permission to perform field tests on our vehicles when these instruments are available and are happy to add our support to your application for the TRB IDEA grant to further advancing this project."
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09/25/2000 Deryl Bear, Chairman, California Polytechnic State University.
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12/23/2003 Derek Butcher, Sales Stored Energy Technology LTD
"On behalf of another potential user of our "Wheel-Motor" technology we have undertaken some calculations of comparative efficiences between our "Wheel-Motor" and a conventional, existing drive system. As a result we have established remarkable energy savings, which we are sure will be of interest to both yourselves and to your prospective clients."

"We are convinced that you will find this scenario to be of paramount importance to your clients and, in case of Calculation 2, present the great advantage of being able to reduce the infrastructure costs by reducing the substation requirements."
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9/9/2003 Lew Collens, President, Illinois Institute of Technology, To President, Chicago Transit Authority
"On behalf of IIT president Lew Collens, I am forwarding you a copy of this letter from Karl Guenther, an IIT alum and CEO of Sky Train Corporation. Karl has an interesting vision for the future of Transit Oriented Development he would like to share with the CTA, involving the linkages among the Green and Red Lines on the south end of our campus. There may be other applications as well for this futuristic concept."
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9/10/2002 Joaquin M. Campo, of Kisinger, Campo and Associates Corp. In a letter to Karl Guenther professes that, "our company's vision of the future of the Tampa Bay Community mirrors Sky Train's vision".
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3/7/2002 Michael Pentedemos, GM, AAR Composites.
Dear Mr. Guenther,
Thank you for your most interesting presentation last Thursday, when you explained the basis of the Sky Train concept. Tremendous potential exists to incorporate modern light rail components into an overhead-suspended Sky Train design."
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